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OpenVX based image scaling on TX2 harware
The SEE is developed with and for JetPack 3.2+ on the Nvidia TX2 SoC. It may also work on TX1 and other tegra accelerated SoCs, but not testest yet.
# Deployment
[Ansible Deployment](
# Quickstart
On the TX2 the current setup requires Ubuntu 16:04 and Jetpack 3.2 installed. The build process requires activemq-cpp 3.9.x or newer to be installed (which will be build in this process)
Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake autogen uuid-dev libapr1 libapr1-dev openssl libssl-dev libspdlog-dev libglfw3 libglfw3-dev
Checkout and build ActiveMQ from repositroy:
git clone
cd /activemq-cpp/activemq-cpp
./ && ./configure && make
make install
After the dependencies are installed the SEE can be build (git submodules required):
git clone ssh://
cd imgsee
git submodule init
git submodule update
mkdir jetsonsee/build
cd jetsonsee/build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
After successfull build, the SEE can be started. The SEE requires some environmental variables for configuration. The SEE will look for input and output messages at `IMGSEE_SOURCE_BASE_PATH` will write to `IMGSEE_TARGET_BASE_PATH`, a relative Path can be given by the job. The SEE will also look for a `.mounted` file in `IMGSEE_SOURCE_BASE_PATH`
export IMGSEE_BOARD_ID="XT2_$(cat /etc/machine-id)"
export IMGSEE_PERFFILE_ID="HWP8-Jetson04"
export IMGSEE_QUEUE_PORT="61616"
export IMGSEE_QUEUE_DESTINATION_PERF="test.ImagingBenchmark"
export IMGSEE_QUEUE_DESTINATION_IN="test/ImagingQueue"
export IMGSEE_SOURCE_BASE_PATH="/media/data/offis01_imi06/"
export IMGSEE_TARGET_BASE_PATH="/media/data/"
export IMGSEE_LOGFOLDER="/media/data/logs/"
For detailed information about these variables have a look in the [Configuration documentation] (doc/
After everything is configured one can start the SEE:
The SEE will generate a lockfile `/var/lock/imgsee.lock`. If the SEE is run in background or screen sending `SIGINT` to the process will make sure that the SEE is running emtpy of jobs and exits. The Lock-file is deleted on exit, so observing file existence makes sure that the SEE is stopped e.g. before shutdown.
# Documentation
[SEE Documentation] (doc/
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