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license are detailed in the LICENSE file.
M2DC Extension
Release notes are available at
Developer documentation is available at
Launchpad Projects
- Server:
Code Repository
- Server:
Bug Tracking
- Bugs:
IRC Channel: #openstack-telemetry on `Freenode`_.
Project use
as the mailinglist. Please use tag ``[Ceilometer]`` in the subject for new
.. _Freenode:
In M2DC Ceilometer was extended to poll further information about the environment, especially from
the RECS Master. It provides additional information about the microservers in the M2DC chassis,
like CPU utilization, temperature and fan speed, required by M2DC’s intelligent management. To poll
M2DC specific data, Ceilometer was extended by additional pollster plugins located in
For the setup M2DC provides Ansible scripts, available in a separate repository
(see The user needs to start
the appropriate playbook, which installs the Ceilometer pollsters on a running
OpenStack environment.
This software extension has been conducted within the project M2DC, started in
January 2016. This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688201.
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