Commit 0160a6b3 by Xinran WANG Committed by Coco

let conductor to update DB and placement

Conductor gets the old_driver_device_list from DB everytime and
then compares with the new one reported from agents in different
compute nodes, it will save the difference as well.

Co-authored-by: coco-Gao <>

Change-Id: I61ba4b38a1ac3c23873cb89d90e8c256a2dcd475
parent 0cbced27
......@@ -144,3 +144,11 @@ class ConductorAPI(object):
cctxt = self.client.prepare(topic=self.topic)
return, 'deployable_list')
def report_data(self, context, hostname, driver_device_list):
"""Signal to conductor service to update the cyborg DB
:parma context: request context.
cctxt = self.client.prepare(topic=self.topic), 'report_data', hostname=hostname,
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