Commit 4bb248b2 by Yongjun Bai

Fix:add python-glanceclient to cyborg requirements

Because in cyborg/image/ line 33 hava "import glanceclient"
but requirements.txt not have python-glanceclient

Change-Id: I3ba7b9eb87ed799ad5ea61f842dd1bbe08d533a8
Story: 2005097
Task: 29710
parent e6028de0
......@@ -26,3 +26,4 @@ keystonemiddleware>=4.17.0 # Apache-2.0
jsonpatch>=1.16,!=1.20 # BSD
psutil>=3.2.2 # BSD
mock>=2.0.0 # BSD
python-glanceclient>=2.3.0 # Apache-2.0
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