Commit 55ed3e26 by Shaohe Feng

use context to get project_id and user_id

Change-Id: I87f07ea2259e13a40491f4d1f7fa3c14bc88f16f
parent e8257721
......@@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ class ResourceTracker(object):
'uuid': uuidutils.generate_uuid(),
'name': name,
'description': desc,
'project_id': pecan.request.context.project_id,
'user_id': pecan.request.context.user_id,
'project_id': context.project_id,
'user_id': context.user_id,
'device_type': dev_type,
'acc_type': acc_type,
'acc_capability': acc_cap,
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