Commit d63b8587 by Yumeng Bao

List accelerators for all-tenants by default

This patch fixes the following bug :
FPGA resources already been reported in DB but cyborg accelerator-list
returns none
Story: #2004424
Task: #28076

Change-Id: Id2937563145c36ab371d2ee2b013e906895297a3
parent be87568d
......@@ -165,7 +165,11 @@ class AcceleratorsController(AcceleratorsControllerBase):
@expose.expose(AcceleratorCollection, int, types.uuid, wtypes.text,
wtypes.text, types.boolean)
def get_all(self, limit=None, marker=None, sort_key='id', sort_dir='asc',
# FIXME(Yumeng) we changed the default option of all-tenants to True
# to avoid an error where accelerator_list returns none all the time.
# we'll fix it when acc's project related info ready.
"""Retrieve a list of accelerators.
:param limit: Optional, to determinate the maximum number of
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