Commit dce18bcc by Zuul Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Fix undefined name 'api_dep' error in"

parents c9277285 5cc49625
......@@ -19,16 +19,13 @@ from six.moves import http_client
import wsme
from wsme import types as wtypes
from cyborg.agent.rpcapi import AgentAPI
from cyborg.api.controllers import base
from cyborg.api.controllers import link
from cyborg.api.controllers.v1 import types
from cyborg.api.controllers.v1 import utils as api_utils
from cyborg.api import expose
from cyborg.common import exception
from cyborg.common import policy
from cyborg import objects
from cyborg.quota import QUOTAS
from cyborg.agent.rpcapi import AgentAPI
class Deployable(base.APIBase):
......@@ -208,14 +205,13 @@ class DeployablesController(base.CyborgController):
:param patch: a json PATCH document to apply to this deployable.
context = pecan.request.context
reservations = None
obj_dep = objects.Deployable.get(context, uuid)
# Update only the fields that have changed
for field in objects.Deployable.fields:
patch_val = getattr(api_dep, field)
patch_val = getattr(obj_dep, field)
except AttributeError:
# Ignore fields that aren't exposed in the API
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