Commit feeb6fdb by Coco

Fix bug: deployable object related bugs.

1. Change _get_parent_root_uuid to _get_parent_root_id and root_uuid
to root_id.
2. Correct some spelling errors in the comments line.
3. Remove uuid check in the create function, because the db model
will create one automatically.

Change-Id: I6265a2a613d7e092a994fd007c56b9cc620d2c21
parent cb2b1b03
......@@ -41,27 +41,24 @@ class Deployable(base.CyborgObject, object_base.VersionedObjectDictCompat):
'root_id': object_fields.IntegerField(nullable=True),
# root_id refers to the id of the deployable's root to for nested tree
'name': object_fields.StringField(nullable=False),
# name of the deplyable
# name of the deployable
'num_accelerators': object_fields.IntegerField(nullable=False),
# number of accelerators spawned by this deplyable
# number of accelerators spawned by this deployable
'device_id': object_fields.IntegerField(nullable=False)
# Foreign key constrain to reference device table
def _get_parent_root_uuid(self, context):
def _get_parent_root_id(self, context):
obj_dep = Deployable.get_by_id(context, self.parent_id)
return obj_dep.root_id
def create(self, context):
"""Create a Deployable record in the DB."""
if 'uuid' not in self:
raise exception.ObjectActionError(action='create',
reason='uuid is required')
if not hasattr(self, 'parent_id') or self.parent_id is None:
self.root_id =
self.root_uuid = self._get_parent_root_uuid(context)
self.root_id = self._get_parent_root_id(context)
values = self.obj_get_changes()
......@@ -89,7 +86,7 @@ class Deployable(base.CyborgObject, object_base.VersionedObjectDictCompat):
def get_by_id(cls, context, id):
"""Find a DB Deployable and return an Obj Deployable."""
dpl_query = {"id": id}
obj_dep = Deployable.get_by_filter(context, id)[0]
obj_dep = Deployable.get_by_filter(context, dpl_query)[0]
return obj_dep
......@@ -134,9 +131,9 @@ class Deployable(base.CyborgObject, object_base.VersionedObjectDictCompat):
def add_attribute(self, context, key, value):
"""add a attribute object to the attribute_list.
"""Add an attribute object to the attribute_list.
If the attribute already exists, it will update the value,
otherwise, the vf will be appended to the list
otherwise, the attribute will be appended to the list
for exist_attr in self.attributes_list:
......@@ -157,7 +154,7 @@ class Deployable(base.CyborgObject, object_base.VersionedObjectDictCompat):
def delete_attribute(self, context, attribute):
"""remove an attribute from the attributes_list
"""Remove an attribute from the attributes_list
if the attribute does not exist, ignore it
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