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Documentation for 'snmp' hardware type

Documentation for 'snmp' hardware type and a minor string fix for
node's driver_info field ``snmp_security``.

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Closes-Bug: #1704977
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......@@ -60,34 +60,96 @@ Software Requirements
Enabling the SNMP Power Driver
- Add ``pxe_snmp`` to the list of ``enabled_drivers`` in
- Ironic Conductor must be restarted for the new driver to be loaded.
#. Add ``snmp`` to the list of ``enabled_hardware_types`` in ``ironic.conf``.
Also update ``enabled_management_interfaces`` and
``enabled_power_interfaces`` in ``ironic.conf`` as shown below:
.. code-block:: ini
enabled_hardware_types = snmp
enabled_management_interfaces = fake
enabled_power_interfaces = snmp
#. Alternatively, if you prefer using the classic driver instead of the
``snmp`` hardware type, add ``pxe_snmp`` to the list of ``enabled_drivers``
in ``ironic.conf``:
.. code-block:: ini
enabled_drivers = pxe_snmp
#. To set the default boot option, update ``default_boot_option`` in
.. code-block:: ini
default_boot_option = netboot
.. note::
Currently the default value of ``default_boot_option`` is ``netboot``
but it will be changed to ``local`` in the future. It is recommended
to set an explicit value for this option.
.. note::
It is important to set ``boot_option`` to ``netboot`` as SNMP drivers
do not support setting of boot devices. One can also configure a node
to boot using ``netboot`` by setting its ``capabilities`` and updating
Nova flavor as described below:
.. code-block:: console
openstack baremetal node set --property capabilities="boot_option:netboot" <node-uuid>
openstack flavor set --property "capabilities:boot_option"="netboot" ironic-flavor
#. Restart the Ironic conductor service.
.. code-block:: bash
service ironic-conductor restart
Ironic Node Configuration
Nodes are configured for SNMP control by setting the Ironic node object's
``driver`` property to be ``pxe_snmp``. Further configuration values are
added to ``driver_info``:
Nodes configured to use the SNMP driver should have the ``driver`` field
set to the hardware type ``snmp`` (preferred) or to the classic driver
The following property values have to be added to the node's
``driver_info`` field:
- ``snmp_driver``: PDU manufacturer driver
- ``snmp_address``: the IPv4 address of the PDU controlling this node.
- ``snmp_port``: (optional) A non-standard UDP port to use for SNMP operations.
If not specified, the default port (161) is used.
- ``snmp_outlet``: The power outlet on the PDU (1-based indexing).
- ``snmp_protocol``: (optional) SNMP protocol version
- ``snmp_version``: (optional) SNMP protocol version
(permitted values ``1``, ``2c`` or ``3``). If not specified, SNMPv1
is chosen.
- ``snmp_community``: (Required for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c) SNMP community
parameter for reads and writes to the PDU.
- ``snmp_security``: (Required for SNMPv3) SNMP security string.
- ``snmp_security``: (Required for SNMPv3) SNMPv3 User-based Security Model
(USM) user name.
The following command can be used to enroll a node with the ``snmp`` driver:
.. code-block:: bash
openstack baremetal node create --os-baremetal-api-version=1.31 \
--driver snmp --driver-info snmp_driver=<pdu_manufacturer> \
--driver-info snmp_address=<ip_address> \
--driver-info snmp_outlet=<outlet_index> \
--driver-info snmp_community=<community_string> \
--properties capabilities=boot_option:netboot
PDU Configuration
This version of the SNMP power driver does not support handling
PDU authentication credentials. When using SNMPv3, the PDU must be
configured for ``NoAuthentication`` and ``NoEncryption``. The
security name is used analogously to the SNMP community in early
SNMP versions.
This version of the SNMP power driver does not support SNMPv3 authentication
or encryption features. When using SNMPv3, the SNMPv3 agent at the PDU must
be configured in ``noAuthNoPriv`` mode. Also, the ``snmp_security`` parameter
is used to configure SNMP USM user name to the SNMP manager at the power
driver. The same USM user name must be configured to the target SNMP agent.
......@@ -73,7 +73,8 @@ OPTIONAL_PROPERTIES = {
_("SNMP community. Required for versions %(v1)s and %(v2c)s")
% {"v1": SNMP_V1, "v2c": SNMP_V2C},
_("SNMP security name. Required for version %(v3)s")
_("SNMPv3 User-based Security Model (USM) username. "
"Required for version %(v3)s")
% {"v3": SNMP_V3},
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