Commit e5b7aa20 by Vasyl Saienko Committed by Ruby Loo

Test ironic-dbsync online_data_migrations

Run ironic-dbsync online_data_migrations on single node grenade
right after usual dbsync.
Do not set pin_relase_version for single node grenade as we
do cold upgrade and it is not required.

Related-Bug: 1526283
Related-Bug: 1502887
Change-Id: I2e331252aeb66376c2d6cc3c16b6de0aefca5434
parent 9c2cd51e
......@@ -73,7 +73,13 @@ upgrade_project ironic $RUN_DIR $BASE_DEVSTACK_BRANCH $TARGET_DEVSTACK_BRANCH
$IRONIC_BIN_DIR/ironic-dbsync --config-file=$IRONIC_CONF_FILE
iniset $IRONIC_CONF_FILE DEFAULT pin_release_version ${BASE_DEVSTACK_BRANCH#*/}
# NOTE(vsaienko) pin_release only on multinode job, for cold upgrade (single node)
# run online data migration instead.
if [[ "${HOST_TOPOLOGY}" == "multinode" ]]; then
iniset $IRONIC_CONF_FILE DEFAULT pin_release_version ${BASE_DEVSTACK_BRANCH#*/}
ironic-dbsync online_data_migrations
ensure_started='ironic-conductor nova-compute '
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