Commit 0948b09c by Gunnar Billung-Meyer

add literals.json for documentation data

parent b5996c71
......@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ Note: Setting the value __true__ for a property within that filter file will com
This optional parameter points to a operations file, which specifies the available operations (other than GET) per defined Resource. If not specified, only GET operations will be available.
#### -l, --literals
This optional parameter points to a literals file, which specifies literals for the documentation.
#### -s, --schema
This optional parameter points to the folder where the used schema files will be copied to. If not specified, no schema files will be copied.
"API": {
"Name": "RECS|Box Redfish API",
"Version": {
"Major": 1,
"Minor": 1,
"Errata": 0
"ReferencedDocuments": [{
"Name": "DMTF Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API Specification",
"Version": "1.4.0",
"URL": ""
"Name": "DMTF Redfish Schema Version",
"Version": "2017.3",
"URL": ""
\ No newline at end of file
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